What is the acceptable number of patients and loved ones who experience NEEDLESS SUFFERING from delayed medications?




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Things need to change.

Medication delays that cause NEEDLESS SUFFERING must no longer be the accepted status quo in health care. NO patient should have to wait longer than 24 hours to receive medications.

Why is this happening?


When care teams are disconnected and there is no visibility or accountability in the medication ordering and delivery process, medications are often delayed due to lack of approvals, signatures, and other blocks to stall the medication fulfillment.

Middle men controlling medication options

Unfortunately, medication providers are being selected by PBMs, Insurance providers, or other 3rd party services without the consent of the patient. The best option for fast medications such as local community pharmacies are being replaced by mail order providers. This slows down medications and hurts patients. 

Zero, Please Stories

What’s your story? Have you watched a loved one experience pain due to medication delays? Please share your story with others and help us get to zero!


How do we fix it?

In order for healthcare providers to eliminate medication delays several things must happen. First, patients must be given the option to choose where their medications are obtained from. Second, the care team must be connected throughout the entire medication ordering and delivery process with the ability to track medication status at any point. It's time to let care providers know this matters. Please visit our change.org petition and add your voice to the many that believe in ending needless patient suffering.

Sign our change.org petition

Ways to get involved.


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Let healthcare providers know that you, your family, and friends are asking them to change their medication practices so that patients get their medications on time.

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Have you or a loved one experienced medication delays? Share your experience by submitting a 60-90 second video we can post here on zeroplease.org

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After signing the petition, share your story on social media an ask others to join the team.  Educate others about the problem of medication delays and get the conversation started.

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